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Automated External Defibrillation (AED)

Studies have shown that when sudden cardiac arrest victims in ventricular fibrillation receive defibrillation within the first minute or two after they collapse, more than 90% of them survive to be discharged from the hospital. The survival rates of individuals suffering cardiac arrest decrease by approximately 7 to 10% every minute that defibrillation is delayed.  Therefore early defibrillation is the most critical link in the Chain of Survival™.

  • Basic understanding of cardiac function 

  • Importance of early defibrillation 

  • Legal issues associated with AEDs 

  • Skills for using AEDs and respond to all types of cardiac arrest situations 

  • AED maintenance and testing 

  • Scenario-based practice sessions


$80 +GST / student



Required each year

$50 +GST / student


Note: Prices may be discounted, see calendar or registration for specific price.



All of instructors are medics or firefighters
The Alpha Team
Custom First Aid for Industries such as Utilities
US Border Patrol in Tactical Medic Training
Canadian Red Cross Authorized Provider