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Industry Customizations

Alpha Response recognizes that providers in the field need to have skills which are relevant and specific to their environment.  Firefighters, teen moms, business executives and swat teams all have very different needs.  So, while human biology is always consistent, working environments often require responders to improvise, adapt and overcome.  Alpha Response ensures that our students are prepared for whatever environments they are are likely to encounter.  Below are just a few of the customized courses we can deliver to your team.


Health Care Providers:
Dentists, doctors, nurses, specialists of all kinds. Alpha Response knows that you're skilled and confident in your own field. But really how often do you practice  CPR or first aid skills? We can make sure those skills are practical and up to date. Plus, given our strong medical background, we can speak your language and put everything into a context that makes sense to you and your team.

Fire Rescue:
Smoke inhalation, C0 poisoning, major and minor burns, falls, trauma, medical emergencies, traffic risks - the list goes on. If there weren't any risks present, you wouldn't have been called. Recognizing that the majority of most fire department's calls are medical, we can provide your team with the skills to provide an effective bridge to full EMS management. In the case of fire and auto rescues, we can ensure that your team's first aid training goes beyond a text book and makes real world sense in such adverse environments.

Ratios of 40 passengers per flight crew and the confined space of an 18-inch wide centre aisle make first aid in the air a significant challenge. Add the fact that 911 is not an option, delayed transfer time for overseas flights and the physiological changes associated with take-offs, landings and high altitude. All of the factors required a first aid course customized to the specific needs of the Flight Industry.

Whether you a taxi driver or a full rig driver, being on the road for extended periods of time makes you likely to encounter traffic accidents of all scales. Assessing scene safety, knowing when and how to extricate, dealing with head and spinal injuries and many other forms of trauma are just a few of the challenges you need to be prepared for.

Manufacturing / Construction:
Confined spaces, falls from high places, heavy equipment designed to cut, hammer and dig are all risk elements which lead to head and spinal trauma, wounds, burns, broken bones or sprains. Of course there's also heat exhaustion from working in the sun and cold injuries in the winter. Learning effective prevention and treatment can minimize time off and maximize health, safety and productivity.

Wilderness / Swift Water / Recreation:
You're outside almost 24x7, sometimes hours or days from 911? Extreme environments such as remote wilderness, swift water or sports such as adventure racing all have very specific first aid requirements. Trauma injuries and environmental illness such as hyper-and-hypothermia are key. Understanding how your body responds to the environments and how to prevent and treat conditions will keep you alive and in the play. Alpha Response has even developed an effective method to use AEDs in a rafting environment.

Tactical / Hostile:
Whether hostile for you is working SWAT or any other extreme environment that seriously limits your options, understanding the factors of a tactical environment is critical to keeping yourself safe and effectively caring for your patient. Is this the time to start CPR? How do I make this scene "safe" or how to get us/me to a safer location? What do I do for an "officer down"? My partner is hurt, how/where/when do I provide "buddy first aid" safely? These are all questions Alpha Response can help you answer.

Infant / Child / Senior Populations:
"We just had a baby!" "My father has Heart Disease" "I work in a Day Care/Retirement Home". Alpha Response teaches classes customized to the people you are expected to provide care for. For whichever group you work with, we cover how to prevent injuries and how to treat them if they do occur. It's important to learn how to identify the onset and then treat many conditions ranging from croup for infants to heart attacks in adults.

Youth Leadership:
Adventure groups, high-school co-op, campus first responders. Whatever level they are at, we can provide a teaching level that will give them enough challenge to keep them interested and learning balanced with enough feedback and guidance to make sure they leave confident in their skills.

Other As Requested:
Don't see your group list anywhere here? Let us know. We'd be happy to discuss your specific needs. Throw us a challenge, we're confident we can meet your requirements.

All of instructors are medics or firefighters
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Custom First Aid for Industries such as Utilities
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