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School Programs:

Any of our Red Cross CPR and First Aid courses can be customized for your classroom environment.  We know that keeping the attention of students is a demanding job and so we keep our classes fast-paced, interactive, lively and real-world.  We also ensure our programs include a variety of teaching modalities to ensure that different types of learners can all succeed.  Just ask any of our former references.


Co-Op and Job Preparation Programs:

More and more employers are expecting employees to arrive already meeting WSIB requirements for First Aid training, and even those who don't make it mandatory will certainly appreciate a student's initiative to arrive prepared.  We work with co-op and job prep program throughout the province and since we train all the industries that they are entering, we know how to get them up to speed for their specific placements.


Athletic and Kinesiology Programs:

Active students who work their bodies need to learn to take care of themselves and their team mates.  We can provide a customized program which will ensure they know how to prevent, recognize and treat the injuries which they are most likely to encounter.  And since we provide trainer/medic services at events such as ROBBSA and others, they might see us out working in the field too.


Wilderness/Adventure and Leadership Programs:

Do you have a group that likes to hit the trails, rivers and rock faces on the weekend?  Are you grooming leaders for the future?  We have programs that can combine their first aid certification with wilderness survival, navigation, and/or adventure racing.  We've provided outdoor programs for everyone from adjudicated youth to Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates.  Courses can be customized from one-day to week-long programs.


$25.00 Thank You Gift Certificate to the Organizer/Referral:

If you are the primary organizer or referral provider for a group of 12 or more students, we'd like to thank you with a $25 Gift Certificate.  Enjoy a dinner out, a movie or a trip to Chapters.  It's our way of appreciating your efforts to make the class happen. (One certificate per client, for the initial booking only).


Discounted for Pricing for Groups of 12 or more:

We know you have to manage the bottom line too, so we can make your budgeting a little easier too.  We offer reduced pricing for Student Groups.

Regular Price:
Reduced Price:

Standard First Aid

$125 +gst

$110 +gst

Emergency First Aid

$70 +gst

$60 +gst

Basic Rescuer CPR

$55 +gst

$45 +gst



Computerized Registration:

For our large school groups, we can automate your registration and provide you with on-site computerized registration, card printing and rosters.  With your hectic schedule, we know you'll appreciate this time saver.


All of instructors are medics or firefighters
The Alpha Team
Custom First Aid for Industries such as Utilities
US Border Patrol in Tactical Medic Training
Canadian Red Cross Authorized Provider