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CPR and First Aid Course Offerings:

Alpha Response Team offers the following WSIB Approved Canadian Red Cross CPR and First Aid Programs.  Each program can be customized to the specific environment which your group will be working in.  Feel free to contact us for references from your specific industry.


Please note that Alpha Response specializes in teaching to groups of students at the student's location.  Contact us to set-up a class for any of the following courses.


CPR / Basic Life Support (all levels)

These programs are half-day or evening courses which teach you how to recognize and treat basic airway, breathing and cardiac life emergencies including heart attacks and strokes.  If you just take one course, this is it. (more)


Emergency First Aid

This is a full day course which includes Basic Life Support and includes additional skills to recognize additional injuries or illness and report this information to the paramedics.  This course is also a WSIB requirement for companies with up to 5 employees. (more)


Standard First Aid

This 2-day  course is our most popular program  providing a basic coverage of life threatening emergencies (as above) and also covers how to treat many common and potentially threatening conditions.  The course includes everything from burns to frostbite and broken bones to diabetes. This is the course required by WSIB for companies of 5 or more employees. (more)


Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Combined with early CPR and early Advanced medical care, AEDs make a significant difference for someone in cardiac arrest. If your organization has been provided with an AED machine, then this is the half-day course for you. (more) 


First Responder

If your job requires you to be responsible for the medical care of individuals in the field, then this is the one week course you need.  This program builds on the Standard First Aid content building the problem solving skills of the rescuers and adding significantly to their available skill sets. (more)



All of instructors are medics or firefighters
The Alpha Team
Custom First Aid for Industries such as Utilities
US Border Patrol in Tactical Medic Training
Canadian Red Cross Authorized Provider