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Which Course Do I Need?

Not sure which course you need? Review the following chart to determine which course is best for you or contact the organization which specifies the requirements for your field.

Course: Cost: Length: Includes: Recommended For
Basic Rescuer CPR (details)
airway, breathing and cardiac emergencies,
heart attacks, strokes, calling 911
$55 1 day Skills Card - Dental Hygienists, Nurses, etc
- Personal Use
Emergency First Aid: (details)
above plus bleeding, shock, gathering more info
and transferring to paramedics
$75 1 day Full Text Book - WSIB Workplaces of
  < 5 employees
- minimum for most Co-op programs
- minimum for most Driver programs
Standard First Aid: (details)
above plus sprains, broken bones, spinals,
seizures, diabetes, allergies, poisons, etc
$125 2 days Full Text Book - WSIB Workplaces of
  5+ employees
- Police, Fire, EMS training/applications
- ECE, Coaching, Leadership, etc

- All of these classes are taught to "Level-C" CPR (i.e. for use on Infants, Child and Adults)
- All of these certifications include a Wallet Card Valid for 3yrs (industry may require more frequent training)
- Re-Certifications are available, but do not include either the skills card or textbook (can be purchased seperately).
- All of these prices include GST.

All of instructors are medics or firefighters
The Alpha Team
Custom First Aid for Industries such as Utilities
US Border Patrol in Tactical Medic Training
Canadian Red Cross Authorized Provider